I am simply delighted and honored to recommend Ms. Jessica Sun and PromoSuns. As a former corporate client and now a private client with my own business, I can highly and enthusiastically recommend both Jessica and PromoSuns without hesitation!

First, Jessica is just brilliant at being your secret wow generator! As a creative, before Jessica I was frequently challenged with describing to non-creatives what I desired in production. This is a problem you will never encounter doing business with Promosuns because she’s a right brain/left brain creative and speaks both corporate, nonprofit, small business, entrepreneur, and solopreneur speak. She will understand your project as well you do, and she knows that each project is a make or break deal [very key, most promo companies overpromise and under deliver]. She goes the distance for you, your company and project – without excuses! She will make your project and you look fantastic.

Promosuns and Jessica embody what you desire for your branding, durable goods, promotional items and beyond is a consummate professional and you can completely trust and rely on her talent and expertise. She simply makes magic!