How to improve employees work from home stations

Working from home sounds marvelous in theory: there’s no commute; unlimited coffee; a private bathroom; and the fridge is always full of your favorite treats. In a world where internet connections never drop, meetings always begin and end on time, and nothing embarrassing ever happens in the background of a video conference, remote work should be an ideal solution for companies and their employees. It’s not, and we can help with that.

More people than ever before are rolling out of bed, slipping on sweatpants, and strolling into their home office or dedicated workspace. It’s convenient, but in a recent poll, remote workers revealed that it was difficult to have a clear separation between ‘work’ and ‘home.’

“It’s challenging because, depending on the time of day, I have taught in my dining room, bedroom, the kids’ playroom, living room, etc.,” reported a university professor currently teaching virtually. “It is so hard to strike a work-life balance. I never get to just go ‘home’ anymore.”

Although there’s no magic panacea, one solution to help delineate ‘work’ from ‘home’ space might be a branded zoom backdrop.

For as low as $150, unsightly laundry and dirty dish piles are hidden from view during video conferences, and employees can have a portable background which transforms any area into a dedicated workspace. It’s basically a win-win scenario for both companies and their employees.

If pajamas are the uniform of 2020, then its drink is coffee, coffee and more coffee. People need to keep up with work, children, spouses, school, and their social media accounts, none of which would be possible without frequent infusions of that liquid gold. Improve customer or employee morale by gifting them a new branded coffee mug. When they’re going through four pots of coffee a day, cups are at a premium.

To really boost enthusiasm, consider splurging, and providing them with a new cup AND a stress buster.

Transitioning from working in an office to at home can be liberating, but many office conveniences are missing, or get depleted faster than supplies can be replenished. Consider surveying your employees and asking what their top office supply needs are. It might seem like a small step, but allowing them to forgo an extra trip to the store for pencilssticky notes, notebooks or printer paper is a gesture that shows you care.

And adding a small coffee gift card or a bag of premium beans could make someone’s year.