Branded & Unbranded Promotional Office Supplies

Branded & Unbranded Promotional Office Supplies

Why use Promosuns for Office Supplies?

Promosuns is committed to Making It Happen for our customers throughout the U.S. and truly create a one stop shop for both branded and unbranded products by providing over 250,000 unbranded products which includes office supplies, office furniture, school supplies, warehouse supplies, breakroom supplies and furniture, coffee and brewers, and technology products.
We serve businesses of all sizes with distribution centers dispersed throughout the U.S. We make our customer’s lives easier by having that one point in contact for both office supplies and promotional products. Want a logo on it great! Don’t want a logo on it, no problem! : )


What makes Promosuns different than our office supply competitors?

We instill trust and confidence to our customers by being open and honest in everything that we do.  We listen to their needs, and deliver on our promises; failure is not an option. Mistakes can happen, but those few times that they do the cost is always picked up by us.
Promosuns provides customers free shipping for office supplies to anywhere in the U.S., (items or account must qualify for free shipping and meet order requirement). Most of our in stock products deliver next day as well. We hope we can make your ordering process as easy a possible and keep you smiling : )

Feel free to browse our stock below. Create a list on the site or send us your product#’s you are interested in and we can provide you with a quote based on your account history and spend forecast. Email your lists to and we will respond within 24 hours.

Photo of some notebooks, and a pencil holder.
Photo of a desk with a lot of stuff on it.