Promotional Products

Why Promotional Products?

Trade Shows

When exhibiting at a trade show you’ll want to use imprinted products that will attract people to the trade show in the first place, to your booth while there, and more importantly, to your company after it’s all said and done. Consider your booth personnel; it’s a good idea to provide them with matching, imprinted shirts. Pick a bright color, so they stand out among the crowd of exhibitors. Pre-show, get your hands on a list of attendees and send lanyards, wristbands, badge pouches and bags to your top 500 prospects from that.


Pink apparel and ribbon-imprinted accessories such as bracelets, shirts, scarves and caps are proudly worn by walkers before, during and after fundraising events. It is a good idea to plan on ordering about half the quantity of the rest of the products, since men will likely be involved, but won’t be wearing ladies’ apparel.
Before the walk, give participants a goody bag full of items they can use along the way: a ribbon lapel pin to wear proudly, an umbrella in case of rain, bottled water or a pedometer. You can also sell imprinted heart-rate monitors before the race to raise even more money.


Along with the pre-show goodies, provide some of the items people will need for education sessions. Bottled water allows attendees to keep hydrated on the go, while a folder, pen, or highlighters are items they are sure to use. USB drives show prospects your company is far from ordinary.


No other age group is quite so wired as the young, so offer a smattering of electronic accessories, too. A protective case keeps personal devices safe during the inevitable bumps and drops, rushing to and from class. A car kit module adds new dimension to an iPod. We’ve also found an unique flexible keyboard and a stylish flash drive.


With a rally you’ll want practical and easy items, like lip balm to keep lips from chapping during cold weather and to protect them from sunburn all year long. A lanyard is great, too, because rally goers can use it at the event and can show it to others afterward to promote the cause even further.

Employee Gifts

Show your employees you care by giving them branded swag to help them feel part of the organization’s brand. Water Bottles and Notebooks are popular Employee Gifts. 

Holiday Gifts

Give you Clients or Employees holiday gifts. People love to recieve cool swag items during the holidays. Blankets, Beanies, Hoodies, Tumblers, and trending electronics are popular items during the Holiday.